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A&D is a technology driven, market oriented, global manufacturer offering a full line of electronic balances and scales.  The A&D name stands for "Analog to Digital Conversion"; a technology A&D has perfected and incorporates in every electronic balance they build.

Since the inception of A&D in 1977, the company has grown into a multinational corporation with operations in the United States, Germany, Japan and Great Britain.  A&D is currently the world's third largest manufacturer of laboratory and industrial balances with 20% of the world market share.  A&D's annual sales exceed $200 million globally.

A&D's products represent one of the best values in the market.  A&D's strong engineering talent are evidence with the high quality products they build.  A versatile line of balances that are ready to take your weighing application.  Whether industrial and lab work to education, and more A&D offers you clearly a better value.

WinCTAll A&D's balances outfitted with a RS-232c can use the A&D WinCT balance communication software to interface your pc with your A&D balance.
All the A&D balances we sell with the exception of the moisture balances offer percent weighing,  Perfect for compounding applications like to measure epoxy mixtures.  Measure ratios like 100/30 (that is to say 100 parts epoxy, 30 parts hardener) in a flash using the percent weighing mode function.
Moisture Balances automatically determines percent moisture, percent residue of processed foods, grains, chemicals, aqueous solutions, adhesives, detergents, paints, plastics, pharmaceuticals, etc.  If speed, accuracy and durability are essentials in your quality control process be sure to see the AD-MX/MF Series
HM Series Simple & easy to operate, Adapts to your environment GLP Software which outputs the calibration data & ID Number of the balance for calibration confirmation to the AD-8121A Printer or PC.  A built-in MOTORIZED CALIBRATION WEIGHT for optimum accuracy is possible at any time with a press of a button.  Diagnostic to alert operator of abnormal weighing conditions Underhook capability for density measurement & weighing magnetic material.
HM-202 A&D HM Series
210g x 0.1mg
42g x 0.01mg
300g x 0.1mg
210g x 0.1mg
120g x 0.1mg

GR Series Analytical Balances offer readability to 0.01 mg.  The GR-Series features the easy access door system.  The tall draft shield can accommodate even tall flasks up to 8.64 inches in height.  A built-in MOTORIZED CALIBRATION WEIGHT for optimum accuracy is possible at any time with a press of a button.

GR-202 GR-Series
210g x 0.1mg
42g x 0.01mg
310g x 0.1mg
210g x 0.1mg
120g x 0.1mg

HR Series Analytical Balances offer 0.1 mg readability with an exceptional combination of remarkable features at affordable prices.  The HR-202 features a 0.01mg semi-micro dual range weighing which automatically selects ultra fine 0.01 mg resolution in the  0 - 42g rangeSelectable calibration mass setting to meet your weighing needs. TOP

HR-202 HR Series
210g x 0.1mg
42g x 0.01mg
300g x 0.1mg
210g x 0.1mg
120g x 0.1mg
60g x 0.1mg
GF/GX Series Multi-Functional balances.  Constructed entirely of rugged aluminum alloy, they provide years of dependable use while retaining their attractive appearance.  The GF series is a multi-functional balance which allows the selection of 11 units of measure plus counting and percentage.  The ACAI (Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement) function re-calculates the unit weight as more items are added to improve the accuracy.
GF Series
210g x 1mg
310g x 1mg
1210g x 0.01g
2100g x 0.01g
GF-3000 3100g x 0.01g
GF-6000 6100g x 0.1g
GX-400 410g x 1mg
GX-600 610g x 1mg
GX-6100 6100g x 0.01g
GX-8000 8100g x 0.1g
GP Series High Capacity Balances Standard features such as a numerical keyboard and counting memory function.  On-board memory stores up to five regularly used unit weights.  Swing arm design allows display to be moved from bench top to eye level.  Counting, over/under check weighing and outfitted with the optional weigh below underhook makes this high capacity toploading balance the leader in industrial, bio technology and pharmaceutical markets.  Pan size: 11" x 13.5"; dimensions (with display arm in verbal position) are 13 7/8" x 17" x 25".  The stainless steel weighing pan and sealed base are resistant to water and dust and IP-65 rated.
GP-12K GP Series
12,000g x 0.1g
21,000g x 0.1g
21,000g x 1g
2,100g x 0.1g
31,000g x 0.1g
41,000g x 0.5g
GP-60K 61,000g x 1g
GP-100K 101,000g x 1g
GP-102K 101kg x 0.01kg
61kg x 0.001kg

FP Series Adjustable swing-arm display allows you to set the display at desired position to avoid spill-over.  Simple and easy to operate with large clearly marked keys.  Rugged construction and a large pan size make the FP Series ideal for many industrial and jewelry applications.  Eleven different weighing modes with ACAI parts counting.

FP-6000 FP-Series
6,100g x 0.01g
6,100g x 0.1g
1000g x 0.01g
12,000g x 0.1g

EK-1200G is a high resolution electronic balance having a resolution of 1/12,000.  The new EK-H Series offer resolution to 1/60,000!!  The balance is equipped with adjustable feet level- vial bubble indicator for precision leveling of your balance.  A&D EK-1200G all the EK-H Series are Legal-For-Trade making this the perfect balance for businesses buying/selling goods by weight.  Other uses included repackaging bulk material such as tobacco.  Advance features include a comparator function for all weighing modes which displays "HI", "LO", and "OK"; counting, percent mode and more.  The EK6000G and EK12KG can be purchased with an optional underhook for weighing large object and magnetic materials.

EK Series EK Series
See the full line of EK-Series compact balances. All models available with optional RS-232C bi-directional interface.
EK-120G 120g x 0.01g
EK-200G 200g x 0.01g
EK-400H 400g x 0.01g
EK-600H 600g x 0.01g
EK-600G 600g x 0.1g
EK-1200G 1200g x 0.1g
EK-2000G 2000g x 0.1g
EK-4000H 4000g x 0.1g
EK-6000H 6000g x 0.1g
EK-6000G 6000g x 1g
EK-12KG 1200g x 1g
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